British Airways Announces Retirement of 747 Family Fleet

Another British Airways Boeing 747-436 (G-CIVZ) leaving Cardiff Airport. Bound for Newquay Airport.

15OCT 2020
BA9178E B744 G-CIVZ STD1645

“Victor Zulu” last flew from Heathrow Airport to Cardiff on 17th March…

Last minute changes remain likely

Even im confused. NEWQUAY


I didn’t see that one coming… Any clue what they are going to do with her there?

Sounds like she is for the scrap there but early reports suggest not

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It was really sad to see. Maybe the industry is getting cheaper. But I don’t want that to happen at the cost of aviation heritage. That’s what’s happening with the 747s retiring sadly…

Not sure if this has been mentioned yet…but a new airline staring in the US, Avatar Air is buying some KLM and BA 747s and are operating them at insanely cheap prices, so MAYBE I’ll have the chance to fly on one!!

If they do get ex-BA ones, i expect it to be the ones from Kemble.


Not fully the BA 747

1 A380 will be ferried LHR-CQM for storage

3 A321s will be ferried LHR-MAD for storage or scrapping

All happening this week


No chance with the Kemble ones flying again, all fairly high flight hours, was there last week (local to me, 15 minutes away) they’ve been completely stripped engine wise, some cargo doors been left open on a few. I’m willing to put money on them not flying again. It’ll be the ones at Cardiff if it’s any.👍

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Ones from are Cardiff are guarenteed to be moved.

Ones at St Athan and Castellon are for Ecube
1 going to Newquay is for Scrapping

The ones at Kemble are the only ones which it could be

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Apparently from an insider


Who’s Instagram is that tho

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G-CIVZ is airbourne currently for NQY

I wonder how many people had this exact same topic in mind then saw your post.
Or how many of these posts did the mods see waiting for approval.

Flight details for British Airway Boeing 747 (G-CIVW) have been allocated. See details below.

22OCT 2020
BA9178E B744 STD1330 CWL - DFD (Dunsfold)

Last minute changes remain likely

Victor Whiskey last flew on the 11th June from Bournemouth to Cardiff

Look out for her on Top Gear

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Another British Airways Boeing 747-436 leaving Cardiff Airport tomorrow, bound for Newquay Airport.

23OCT 2020
BA9179E B744 G-CIVF STD1415L

Expected wheels rolling at 1421L

Last minute changes remain likely


Will it be saved or not?

British Airways Boeing 747-436 (G-BYGC) BOAC could potentially be saved at St. Athan Airport.

(Deal still needs to be confirmed from both parties)

In addition to this, St. Athan are also in talks to take 4 - 5 more BA 747s from Cardiff Airport

G-CIVB Kemble
G-BYGC St. Athan (If it goes ahead)
G-BNLY ? 🤫

More news to follow


Also G-CIVW at Dunsfold

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