British Airways Announces Retirement of 747 Family Fleet


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Even though it was 2 days later, G-CIVP is in St Athan

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G-BYGE will depart Cardiff at 1200L 22Sep for Kemble as BA9177E

Edit - Didnt depart

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Calling all plane spotters. It is reported that British Airways Boeing 747-436 G-CIVK will be departing tomorrow from Heathrow.

24SEP 2020
BA9178E B744 G-CIVK STD1200
(Destination TBC)

Any last minute changes remain likely

what will serve YVR then?

Edit. looks like a 777

Could be a 777x in a few yars too… 👀

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777 or if your lucky A350 and 787

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G-CIVK has been cancelled due to weather in DGX.

New flight details to published soon.

Nooooooo! I haven’t got to ride on one yet!!!