British Airways announces retirement date for their 747's

The CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of BA, Steve Grunning, said today that British Airways will retire their last 747 in…

February 2024. So don’t worry, we still have plenty of time (6 and a half years) to experience the Queen of the Skies. Half of the current fleet will be retied by 2021, with the last one exiting in 2024. BA expects to maintain a fleet of 63 777s over the period to 2022, while a gradually-expanding fleet of A380s, A350s and 787s will reach 71 aircraft in the same year.

I was very relived when I saw that we still have a good amount of time with the 744. By the rate that airlines are retiring the 747’s, BA may retire the last passenger 747-400 still in service by that date. I imagine that the retirement will be very iconic and very sentimental. It will likely be on one of BA’s popular 747 routes, like JFK-LHR as a possibility.


Few. Heart attack moment as I am meant to be flying on one in January!


Lucky little British mod! Where you going?

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I wouldn’t expect them to retire them all in 2 months, there’s a good amount of them. If they did then it would be shameful.

Might want to remove the A380s as expanding in the fleet. BA has no orders for more, the article states that as wrong. The only long haul aircraft they have orders for are the 18 A350-1000s and 17 remaining variants of the 787 family.

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True but they aren’t really old

Nooooooo not the BA 747

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But they are interested in more, second hand and brand new

Still 6 and a half years to go! Good to see the Queen flying for longer!

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Even though its 7 years away time flies by. Im gonna miss those jumbos… 😓


Geez…why are so many airlines retiring the queen of the skyes!??

retorical question ( don’t answer)

Well 2024… that’s not too bad. Soon there will only be freighters and 747-8s in the skies :’(


Since this retirement date is quite far away, I think there is a possibility that BA might order the 747-8i. BA is one of the few airlines who seem to love their 744s and have the sweet spot for the aircraft.

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Doubtful when by that time the 777-9 will be out and that can carry as many pax as the 747-8.


First I read about American Airlines and their MD-80 retirement plans, and then British Airways and their 747 retirement plans, in the same day. I need a break from #real-world-aviation.

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As long as they keep them on the Nairobi route until retirement then I should have no reason not to fly BA

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