British Airways Announces London Heathrow To Portland

There it is. Just announced 10 minutes ago.

From June 1, 2020, British Airways will fly from London Heathrow to Portland, Oregon, directly competing against Delta.

Flights will operate 5 times a week on the 787 (unconfirmed if -8 or -9, likely -8).

Congrats to British Airways & Portland!


@BigBert10 look here

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It feels like British Airways is flying to every major city in the US mainland. Anyway, good for them and good for Portland.

Exciting news @Claudio !

Ooh! That sounds pretty exciting!

But I am more excited at BA’s B747 coming to San Jose (SJC/KSJC)! 😃


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Big what moment.

NO WAY!!!1!1!!1

That’s awesome!

@TaipeiGuru look 😏


Now this is amazing news! Will definitely head over to the airport to get some photos of this beauty. And in a 787, no less (first service to PDX by the 787 I believe).

Nice, the 787 will be the only other wide body flying to PDX as Delta only operates the 767 from there. This will also be the first 787 flight to PDX.

Sorry but it’s not.

That was a diversion. It will be the first with paying passengers. A diversion shouldn’t really count


Did ANA cancel the flight?

Diversion. It is not an official route. This however is one.

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Delta also operates the A330 to some routes, I think Narita and possibly AMS?

Narita is with the 767

Ah never mind.

Next year for PDX-HND it’ll be on the A332.

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