British Airways Airbus A320-232 | oneworld G-EUYR

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I’m very early, with this being the only image I can find.

British airways has just, today, painted one of it’s airbus a320-232, with sharklets, in a Oneworld livery.

I think that this livery should be added as not only would it add an extra British airways livery, but also an extra British airways a320 configuration to the game, with there currently being no British airways a320 with sharklets

I kind of wish the BA logo was a bit higher up, but, honestly, this looks a lot better than the 777.


I agree with you

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Update photo, uploaded just today credits


we really need more oneworld liveries


True that. Also japan airlines, cathay pacific, Qatar, LATAM, all of them. But ignore star alliance cause who cares about star alliance 😂

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This defo needs to be added to IF. It would be such an amazing addition to the a320 family.

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Hopefully it will be soon!

Has my vote!

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I vote it livery

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Thank you both! Let’s hope we get enough for it to be added!

Got my vote 👍🏻

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Cheers mate!

Would love to see this in IF

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Make sure to vote!

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Got my vote

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I’ve flown two of the three a320s since their repaint, would be so fun to fly it in infinite flight.