British Airways Adds A350-1000XWB To AUS/IAD/PHL, 787-10 To ATL/BNA/DFW/SEA

Following British Airways’ 747-400 schedule for San Jose, (British Airways’ 747 Is Coming To San Jose! (SJC)), British Airways has added some more equipment swaps on certain routes.

These include some pretty nice aircraft changes for some spotters in the United States.

British Airways Adds Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner Flights To Atlanta:

  • This is British Airways’ first 787-10 route.
  • The aircraft will replace the currently scheduled 787-9 on the London to Atlanta Route.
  • First flight on March 10, 2020

British Airways Adds Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner Flights To Dallas/Fort Worth:

  • From May 1, 2020, British Airways will launch its second 787-10 route to the United States.
  • This will replace the currently scheduled 777-200ER on the London to DFW route.

Temporary 787-10 From London Heathrow To Seattle:

  • From July 1, 2020, to October 24, 2020, British Airways has scheduled the 787-10 on the LHR-SEA route.
  • Depending on how you view this (as unfortunate or not), this aircraft will replace the 747-400 that was originally scheduled.

787-10 Scheduled For Nashville:

  • Begins with a one-time service on July 11, 2020.
  • Goes daily from September 3, 2020

British Airways Schedules A350-1000XWB From London Heathrow To Philadelphia

  • From March 29, 2020, the A350-1000XWB will replace the 747-400 on the daily route.
  • The 777-200ER will operate the separate 3x weekly flight.

British Airways Adds A350-1000XWB To Washington (IAD)

  • From March 29, 2020, this replaces the scheduled 777-200ER aircraft.

Apparently this one got cut:
British Airways Adds The A350-1000XWB To Tokyo (Narita):

  • From July 1, 2020, this will replace six of seven weekly 787-9 flights.
  • The seventh frequency will be on a 777-200ER

Updated: The A350-1000XWB Is Scheduled For Austin

  • Operates from March 29 to October 24.

Finally, British Airways will operate the 747-400 on the London to Phoenix route from March 29, 2020.


Personally, I’m excited for the 787-10 to Dallas/Fort Worth and A350-1000XWB to Philadelphia.

Are you excited to see these new aircraft fly somewhere or to where you live?



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Actually it’s a 747

Us Calgarians will receive the BA 787-9 for life :(

The 747 was already scheduled to end March 28, 2020, replaced by the 772 until now.

Okay, it’ll be the 772 from the 3/29 to 5/1?

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If they plan to replace the current 747 that goes daily to LAS, I hope that we get the A35K.

We at LAS already have so many Dreamliners coming in.

Did I just see…that my third favorite A350 is flying to Dulles?

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But there’s only three A350 types 🤔

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That’s what it looks like right now

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  1. Virgin Atlantic A350-1000 (specifically G-VLUX)
  2. Air France A350-900
  3. British Airways A350-1000
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YAY, 78X baby

I hope they change the time of the flight so it doesn’t arrive at 9pm…


Actually the current British Airways flight on May 1, 2020 is displaying a 7:40 p.m. arrival so it should be light outside.


Still hoping for a Pittsburgh update. As much as I love the -8, it could be bigger… 😂

I’ll miss the 747 from London, but Philly still has one from Lufthansa… for now. And considering we only get an A350 from Doha with Qatar it’ll be cool to have another one

Since they’re adding A350 routes, are they removing the A350 from routes it already operates, like LHR-YYZ?

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I don’t think so since they’re receiving more A35Ks.

YESSSSSS! Goodbye you ugly 777!

Update: The A350-1000XWB is scheduled for Austin

  • Operates from March 29 to October 24.


@snoman @Suhas @BadPlane Enjoy this one.