British Airways A380

Apparently none are getting retired yet and 4 or 5 are going into long term storage

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On top of a problem with a too low business capacity on the A380 (at least in normal times) as far as I am aware. :)

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Im late but I think BA A380s goes to BOS?

That is something you would be correct in thinking 🙃.

ok then…

I believe it’s mostly down to frequency, they would rather offer more flexibility especially for business passengers thus they prefer to use two flights ie B777 rather than one A380

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Also speaking of the A380, what do those 3 letters above the cockpit mean? I’m trying to track one. The letters are LEE.

Thats part of the registration. It’s dependent on the airline, BA do this on all aircraft I believe, easyJet do it also.

BA-A380-first-flight-before-take-off-470 Like this. But how can I track it with these letters?

Track it on something like FR24? BA’s A380s are all G-Xxxx so you can search for G-XLEA if you wanted to track it.


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