British Airways A380

There are 2 to 3 flights daily from these airports. The others are operated by either the 777 or 787.

Yeah I’ve just never seen anything other than the 787 out of Chicago

BA flies there A380’s to Chicago seasonally during the summer.

if you live in the US, they fly out of Dulles, LAX, Chicago and Boston.

British Airways was suppose to resume A380 operations in October but just removed them from the schedule so it may be a while before they return.

There are some rumors going around saying BA is considering the retirement of a few or all may be transferred to Teruel for storage.

Pretty sure British Airways has never used the A380 on LHR-JFK. Something to do with wingspan issues?

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BA also flies HKG-LHR, SIN-LHR with the A380

Didn’t BA downgauge that to the 777-300ER a few years ago?

Wait. No A380s go to JFK? Is it the gates?

British Airways has never used the A380 to JFK, but other airlines do.

I think it has to do with British Airways’ terminal which doesn’t have A380 capabilities, or they don’t want to maximize capacity and instead focus on frequency with the lower capacity A350 and previously 747.

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Oh ok makes sense. And why use an aircraft with that range for a flight that short

If your in the US-> the UK in 2020 then probably forget about it because you won’t be able to get there. I would take some time to do some research on google flights and have BA as your airline. You won’t be getting to London until this travel ban is up

They were going in 2021

By “aircraft with that range for a flight that short” I’m guessing you’re talking about the A350-1000? They technically can’t use them on ultra long-haul routes because they went for more seats over needed storage.

“Guess why British Airways A350-1000’s haven’t been doing much flying long haul, to destinations where passengers would best benefit from the excellent new Club Suites with privacy doors? Because British Airways chose to limit the meal stowage areas typically necessary for flights that would require a full scale second service”

Back to the A380 - I think British Airways was supposed to use the A380 on LHR to Miami this winter, so that may be another potential option in the future.

No I meant the A380. Should’ve been more clear

Emirates flew from Dubai to Muscat with the A380 and was making quite a bit of money, so the reason they didn’t do JFK-LHR with the A380 was not because it had a range too far, moreso because of the gates at JFK. Because the timings are very heavily restricted, even Norwegian/HiFly’s A380 had a very hard time getting to New York without hours of delays, so they opted to fly only 747s and 777s. This also gave them the opportunity to fly multiple daily flights catering to passengers with all needs for arrival timings, instead of just 2-3 A380s.

I really wouldn’t expect any schedule to stay the way airlines are setting them right now, because air travel to the US (and internationally, especially long hauls) is still far away. If anything, BA will be lucky to have the A380 operating with a good load on one or 2 routes, but even Los Angeles and San Francisco are only averaging load factors between 3 and 20-25% which will make them lose quite a bit of money, and hence why they’ve downgraded many routes from the 747/A380 to 787s/777.

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No I didn’t mean the aircraft had too much range, it’s just that there isn’t the need for it on that route. There’s too many flights and airlines on that route on a daily basis

They had one A380 and one 747-400 daily in 2018 and 2019 during the summer

When ever I’ve seen it in the past it’s been the 787. Weird

As a sidenote I am not sure about the crew rests on the A350 for cabin crew, but the crew rests for pilots on the A350 ( in the front) is very spacious, quiet, and comfortable. The gallery is also quite large. More seats could mean more cabin modifications but this would add wieght to the aircraft more than anything, it would not matter too much in terms of space/capacity, although it might have some effects that I am sure British Airways can come up with a solution for. However, it doesnt seem 100% accurate that they do not have enough space, it is quite a big contreversy so it’s best to wait for trustable scources, and more real-life expiriences.

Gilbert Ott, who runs GSTP said of the rumours:

“Numerous sources have stated that the BA configuration is so rammed, there’s hardly anywhere to put… anything, even for one service,”

“Sources inside the airline maintain that the plane does have the space to actually do a second meal service, but those with more intimate knowledge of service elements and goings on of actual events in the air tend to disagree entirely.” Scource

Of course I aspire to pilot the A350 which is a beautiful plane!!! :)

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There are not many A380’s flying right now, I would say your best bet is KLAX/LAX (because it is a high capacirty route with 3-4 flights a day) when things go back to normal or British Airways decides to utalize their A380-800’s.