British Airways A380

Hey guys. So I might go to London soon, and I want to try out the British Airways A380. My question for you guys is what are the active routes for the British Airways A380?

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Responding to your question, try EGLL to YSSY via WSSS

Edit: will get back to you in a sec, didn’t read the other part

I’m mainly looking for flights from the US to the UK.

Sorry mate, but all are grounded, last time I checked. Maybe KLAS (@Kamryn pls Clarify)-EGLL

The most popular A380 route from LHR to the USA is (I’m pretty sure) LHR-JFK, which is being operated by a 772 at the moment, so as VH-VCQ said, I’m pretty sure there are no BA A380’s flying at the moment.

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I’d be travelling in April. As of now only A380 flight I can find is LAX - LHR.

I know if they aren’t all grounded LAX gets them (SFO might)

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LAX - LHR seems to be served with a 777 (type not specified).

SFO is being served with a 787.

Again, because of COVID it’s very unlikely you’ll see a BA A380 lurking around in America.

Just make sure to check what aircraft, LAX-LHR gets 3-4 BA flights a day 😂

I would travel in April. By then it says they would use an A380 on the LAX-LHR route.

This is during COVID right?
Because they get the 787 too (during regular days)

Yep, this is as of now.

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KLAS-EGLL was operated by a 744 BA. Unfortunately, they stopped service temporarily. I belive they are replacing it with either an A35X or 772

April 2021?

I find it hard to believe that BA would whip out their A380s again (maybe take a pic of where it says A380 service for that route). But who knows …

Actually, BA was going to send an A380 to Vegas for a week for CES 2021, but that got cancelled unfortunately

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It says that but always can change.

Yeah it used to say 747 ☹️

I found some flights on the A380 for Saturday, April 17th, 2021.

Seems legit. I take back what I said @Reid.

Wow, they used to be the 787 (for KORD)