British Airways A380 Reskin

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to request a reskin for the British Airways livery, on the A380.
As most of us know, the British Airways livery on the A380 is outdated, and is nowhere near the real one.
This “reskin” will clearly bring some excitement, and realism into the sim!

How it looks into Infinite Flight:

How it should look like:

What should be made:

British Airways text and logo bringed much

British Airways logo and text recoloration
British Airways logo enlarged
Blue belly shortend
British coat of arms added
Oneworld logo added near door 2L and Upper-
Deck 2L

Airbus A380 logo removed

Now I’m fully aware that most of you will tell me that this is a nonsense, and has no priority nor meaning at all, and that the devs should focus on other things.

I’m also fully aware that this will probably not come until a possible A380 rework in the future and etc. :)

But, this looks so cool, and yes, it’s still not holds priority, but will look very cool, now, or in the future. I’m still hoping for the best, so, if you like to see this reskin of the British Airways A380, be sure to vote it, share, comment, and drop a like, thank you! :D