British airways A350

Hello everyone I was just wondering Wil there be a British airways and a South African airways A350 comeing out soon 😁😁😁😁😁😁


A350 just released, so probably no

Feel free to vote here!

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British Airways operates the A350-1000, not the A350-900, so the A350-1000 is probably at the bottom of the list for features. It will be quite a while before we see the -1000, because the devs are going to rework the whole 777 family.

Please see this reply from Jason regarding the A350-1000.

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Hi @Randriek

The Infinite Flight Developers created the A350-900, not the -1000. The British Airways operates the A350-1000 variant. The developer team was not Planning to create the -1000 variant at the time.

For the South African A350-900, the livery 3D Artists must’ve missed the livery at the time, so feel free to vote into the topic above and hopefully we could see the livery one day.

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