British Airways A350-1000 Livery

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Would be great but unfortunately will probably be a while before we see it though as they’ve stated they are only making the A350-900 series right now. No plans for the -1000 as of yet.

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Beautiful! Here we have the first ever Airbus A350-1000 in the British Airways colors! The aircraft can be seen here at Toulouse with its engines covered up. What do you think of it?


I see your point, but I Only like realism, for example I wouldnt want to see a Delta 787 after the A350 comes out, and plus I know BA is investing in the A350. Infinite Flight are only making the A350-900 for the time being, they havent mentioned about NOT making the A350-1000. Good idea though.

Tiny bump. When the devs decide to make the A35K, they have to add this!

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But this is topic was made by me

Decided to do a little bump. Hopefully this livery gets added when the devs have plans to start modeling the A350-1000.

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Great photo it looks so awesome.

Can you make a topic about just getting the A350-1000 first? That way we have it in the game and they would probably put this livery with it.

See this post by Jason:

Well everyone, A350 is finally here! We’re closing this feature request, knowing that some of you are very much hoping for the -1000 variant. We’re unsure at this time whether or not it will make its way into the fleet. Having said that, we won’t be allowing new A350-1000 feature request threads. If you see someone asking please direct them to this exact response. This will save votes. Don’t worry, we won’t forget that it’s wanted

Then why isn’t this thread closed?

Pretty sure they’re only referring to the aircraft itself.

Just in case if the A350-1000 ever does get confirmed, may this topic be kept open for that moment to come.

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does british airways operate the -900 variant?

No, only the 35K


I hope they do add the A35K soon! Not sure why it wasn’t added before since it’s just a longer variant, same engines same wings. I guess we would have had it already if an airline in the US had ordered it.

Would love to vote for this but Misha stated recently that the A35K wasn’t on the cards any time soon, unfortunately.

Me Likeeeee I want this aircraft

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I’d love to see this one in the game, Just the ba colours on the a350 are amazing, I’d fly it loads