British Airways A32N | BA Better World Livery

Thanks so much for the support mate. Appreciate it heaps!

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ooooo cool livery. Reminds me of the Firefly A319

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Yeah, I’m totally down for this one! I really like the shade of blue BA used.

I’d vote it mate, that blue tone looks so stunning. But I’ve got no votes. Sorry :( 💎


Love my flag carrier, love the Chatham Dockyard livery, love Negus livery, love the Landor livery, love the BOAC livery, love the BEA livery, love the 2012 Olympics livery, and I absolutely love this outstanding livery. Has my support and my vote, would love to fly this amazing aircraft in IF.

Wow!! That is a stunning livery!!😍

The only thing you need is the NEO then your in business 💙🇬🇧

It looks amazing but might as well push for the A320neo addition.

i was just waiting for this topic to come along ;)

got my vote - i love it!

Glad you like the livery mate!

Same, the blue is so amazing!

No worries mate. Thanks for the support on this livery anyway!

Thanks so much for the vote mate. BA certainly do have some lovely liveries.

It certainly is, isn’t it?

We certainly would be, wouldn’t we?

I agree, we need to spare a vote on that as well. Either way, I would love this livery to come on the Neo if and when it is added.

Thanks for voting mate. Appreciate the support for such a stunning livery!


Wow, this is a very pretty livery. I’d love to see it in the sim!

Thanks for supporting the livery mate. I agree, it is such a pretty livery.

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I love this new livery of BA, but unfortunately we don’t have the NEO family

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It’s got so much blue to represent how depressing the world will be once all the quad jets and older twin jets are gone.

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Unfortunately not yet, but hope it comes in the future and if/when it is added and fingers cross they include this livery.

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Perhaps, one of the most beautiful paintings I’ve ever seen, is a painting that shows that aviation also cares about environmental issues . I really don’t know if was just me, but this painting reminded me of hyfly’s A380 painting “Coral Reefs”

Thanks for the support. It certainly is a fantastic livery for an even more fantastic cause.

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