British Airways A321 NEO

The A321 NEO:

Height 11M
Length 44M
Wing Span 35M

Range 7400KM
Speed M0.82

Passengers 244

British Airways was formed in 1974 in London. It has a fleet of 272 and flies to 183 destinations. It has one subsidiary (BA CityFlyer) and has a membership in ONEWORLD. It’s slogan is : “To fly, to serve”.
Credit: Daniel Sander
This is truly a beautiful aircraft!

Either Vote or don’t, but please don’t say that I have your support but you’re out of votes, that clogs up the request and doesn’t help. :)

Just a tiny point of order! It wasn’t ‘founded’ in 1974, it was ‘formed’ from the amalgamation of BOAC and BEA.


Thank you, fixed that!

It is a nice aircraft, but I will not vote because we already have the BA A321 in IF and I would like to vote new aircraft instead of this. Also, I’m pretty sure the seat capacity is not 244, that seems a bit excessive.


I guess that would be the seating capacity, you’re right, with an all-economy layout. You learn something new every day :)


Interesting how the exit doors are configured! They’re configured like that on the A321LR but everything I’m seeing online points to it being an A321neo (maybe the two were just grouped together). Cool aircraft nonetheless! :)

This livery is amazing, isn’t it?

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