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British Airways flight A685 - Innsbruck [LOWI] - London LHR [EGLL]

Hey everyone! Earlier today I took a flight from the middle of the Innsbruck, to London! With amazing views climbing out of the alps, to scenes of the German, Belgian and French landscape, this flight has everything to offer! This 1hr 30 minute flight is a MUST DO as you climb out from deep within the alps, ending up in the capital of the world! With British Airways operating this flight 5 times per week on the A320, I decided to go along for the ride, and get some nice shot along the way!

  • Starting off straight into the thick of it - Here we are lining up on Rwy 26, ready to blast on out of here!

  • V1… Rotate! Our high throttle setting (due to the short runway and high altitude) gave us more than plenty power to rocket out of the mountains - nothing beats this winding departure!

  • My favourite shot yet! Really taking in the views here as we rotate up over and away the mountains, off to London!

  • Just left the alps! The fog really starting to build up as we fly over south-western Germany, around 1 hour left on the flight at this point as we approach our cruise of FL380!

  • Jump forward 40 minutes… and we’re crossing the Channel! About to begin our VNAV decent via the LOGA2H STAR, I couldn’t miss getting a glimpse of the dutch coastline!

  • Final approach - the most EXCITING part of the flight! Coming in at about 141 knots with an 11 knot crosswind and minimal visibility, it wasn’t easy getting her down, but we go ahead with our stable approach!

  • Aaaand touchdown! Another smooth -139fpm touchdown - despite the shaky conditions, doing it the BA-Way!

  • And finally, what better way to wrap off a LHR arrival than with a nice T5 BA Lineup?! However… there is one plane ruining the shot, can anyone spot it?!

That’s all folks!

Thank you all for checking out this post, I hope you liked my photos! I’ll leave the flight info below for anyone who’s interested!

Cruise: FL380 (38,000 feet)
Cruise Speed: Mach 0.79 (297 knots)
Flight Time: 1hr 34mins
Server: Expert Server


Wow! I love the really fun camera angles - my favourite is the close-up of the wing and R engine with the mountains low in the background.

Will definitely be looking out for future posts of yours! Keep it up!

Have a great rest of your day!
~ Ben

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Thanks a lot! Glad you like them :)

The wing shot’s my favourite too ;)

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Dang awesome! And to make this even more epic lol, I took my BA A320 on a 3:30 flight from Madeira to London but didn’t quite bitter it.

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Haha thanks bro! Nice route there, might have to try it myself soon 👀

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Hahaha if only that was true, I can’t count the amount of times a BA flight has shattered my spine in landing

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lovely pictures! It’s absolutely wonderful to see all the different angles in all the shots.

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Amazing pictures! I look forward to seeing more soon. Still couldn’t find the plane that was allegedly ruining the last photo though…

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This is truly a Comair BA moment of all time

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Haha - being real here, I have no idea weather or not it’s true, it just sounded good 😅

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Thanks bro! Im glad you liked them :)

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Thanks a lot man! I’ll be posting more soon - potentially daily!

The plane was the B738 - BA only use those in South Africa 😒

Lollll there just had to be one didn’t there 🥲

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Fair enough, well it did, so did its job!

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Sheesh!! These angles are fire fr :D 🥵🔥🔥

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Appreciate it brother :)

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