British Airways A320 isnt the same as real life

ive noticed that the British Airways A320 with the registration G-EUYX on infinite flight has winglets but in real life this plane has sharklets.

This is the picture of G-EUYX in infinite flight and in real life



As you can see in real life G-EUYX has sharklets but infinite flight has winglets obviously its not a big thing its only a small difference but hopefully it will be changed.

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Hey there,

I’ve just done some research on this airframe and found that the reason that this aircraft does not have sharklets in the game is possibly due to the aircraft having previously flown without the sharklets, and only with the regular fenced winglets.

Sharklets are an additional feature that was not standardised on the A320 until not too long ago, with some operators having opted to retrofit their aircraft with these sharklets after taking delivery of them.

Nonetheless, this is still an issue as it currently does have sharklets, though I thought it would have been appropriate to explain why this might not have been the case, as the A320 was reworked a fair few years ago.

Screenshot 2022-04-21 at 20.20.02

Attached are some images of G-EUYX, the airframe in question, without the sharklets.


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