British Airways A319 "Firefly" Livery

This one carried the olympic torch from Athens to London and shows how proud we were as British the olympics were coming. Also it is one of the few gold aircraft out there and looks quite cool.


1 feature per request, the dove ( the second one) livery is duplicate, however the other one is not

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Sorry i though as it was the same airline and aircraft it would be alright. Ill take one down

Here’s the Dove Livery


Sorry when i searched it didn’t come up

Changed it to just the one

It’s a nice livery!

Great livery, would love to have

I’ve actually flown on G-EUPC. It was repainted with the normal BA colours after Olympics.

That’s a shame. Would be great if it was still around

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I like it and think it should be added as it flew to flame to the Isle of Man (where I live )

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Put that on the a319 and put the normal livery to the a320 and a321 good idea?


Yes definitely I agree

In my opinion this looks better than the Golden Dove livery. It’s so beautiful!

We need this nooooooooooooow

Lovely livery!

I’ve said it before, anycraft that comes to the Isle of Man is great.

Awesome livery, would be great to add to my va fleet!

Would love to fly it one day

This is an amazing livery

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