British Airways A319-100 | Manchester to Brussels

Hello there! Here are some shots from my most recent flight from Manchester, England to Brussels, Belgium in an Airbus A319, operated by British Airways. Hope you enjoy the shots!
Flown on expert server.


At Gate 25 in EGCC

Taxiing to Runway 23R with a stunning parallel approach in the background!

As the sun begins to set, we blast out of the UK towards the mainland

Southern England from the FO’s seat (ft. a can of Pepsi)

Fast forward several minutes and we are descending over Brussels-National Airport!

Turning base for runway 19

Absolute butter! One of the smoothest landings I’ve ever made in an A319

Taxiing to the gate while an Emirates 777-300ER departs for Dubai

At Pier A, shutting down engine no. 1 as the jet bridges start moving to L1.

With a flight time of just under an hour, I’d recommend this flight from anyone who’s looking for a short hop but doesn’t want to steer towards busier airports.

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Nothing but beauty, beautiful photos and a beautiful aircraft. I must put alot to emphasis on how beautiful and useful the runway light are. 👌🏽🙌🏽

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That second shot is well done with the approaching planes!
Very nice indeed!

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Love that cockpit shot! Beautiful 😄.

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Awesome photos!

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Nice photos man. Thanks for sharing!

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@RyMan @Adventures @Levi.H @Heavy_Lifter @CptKilo thank you all for the kind words!