British Airways 787

So I’m on my way home on I-95 and I see this huge airplane flyin by, then I saw its logo and it was BA, then I wa like oh they have daily flights here then I see its strobes and I’m like, "that can’t be there 777. Then I see the engine and the wing and I’m like “That’s a 787!” Then I checked Flightaware and it was a 787-8. I had no idea that BA flew 787’s here


Where’s “here” out of curiosity.

BA flies 787s to EWR and that is near the 95 so were you at EWR? Has BA already replaced the 767 on the BAL flight?

Oops! I assumed that this forum has mostly US citizens by saying I-95, which runs from the very NE point of Maine all the way to Miami Florida. I meant Philadelphia

Yep it’s a world wide forum here! Also the I95 is a very long road passing lots of airports… ;-)