British Airways 787 weird engine glitch

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Version Information

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Device Information

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IPad Pro 10.5 in

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I just parked in and as I was moving the normal camera around the airplane I noticed both engines changed texture to Qantas for some odd reason.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Load in BA B787 at gate 307 EGLL
  • Jump into Normal Camera
  • Zoom out a tad and move closer to the jet bridge while looking at the airplane and you will see the following

Expected results

Engine texture should remain constant no matter where you are looking at it from

Actual results

Engine textures changes to what appears to be Qantas because of the kangaroo

More Information



Let me know if you need anything else. :)

that looks very weird tho

The issue was that there was a Qantas aircraft in your vicinity. There’s a current issue that swaps textures of the 2 aircraft in close proximity (whether it be the tail, aft section, or the engines)

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Just checked my replay, there is a Qantas aircraft however he is across the airport from me… Weird

Continue in highlighted post please. Thanks