British Airways 787-10

I have just checked the fleet of the British Airways, they do not own 787-10 they have the 8 and the 9
Do developers know this ?
For me i enjoy flying it but its not in the real world fleet

Did you check their orders?

No i did not

There’s the problem the 787-10 has not been made.


Has not been made to BA or its not introduced yet ?

The 787-10 hasn’t been delivered to any airline yet

The 787-10 is not made yet, but the Devs made it so they would avoid complaints in the future.

The Boeing 787-10 hasn’t been built yet

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i also don’t understand why the developers add liveries for certain aircraft when those airlines don’t even have them in their fleet ?

So y’all complaining when you don’t get the liveries you want, but you’re complaining when there is too many liveries? You guys never get pleased…


I completely agree. Be happy with the planes we have!


BA will not buy the 787-10 and TBH I have no idea why FDS used this as a livery. BA will instead buy the 777-9x aswell as the A350

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Does not exist yet.