British Airways 777-300ER || EGLL-OEJN || Three Shots || Edited

Hello IFC!

I think it is time for another Screenshots and Videos topic, so let’s do just that. So I decided to do a long hall into the main airport of the day, OEJN on the FNF. So I chose to take my favourite aircraft (Boeing 777-300) from EGLL to OEJN. Then at the end I got some screenshots and edited them. So without further delay, let’s take a look!

Flight Details

Route: EGLL - OEJN || Aircraft - Boeing 777-300ER || Livery - British Airways || Flight time - Seven hours and twenty-eight minutes.


Speedbird 0825 Heavy, Number One, Runway 16R, Cleared to Land

At gate after an incredible flight!!!

Thank you for viewing my screenshots!

What one did you like most?
  • Number 1
  • Number 2
  • Number 3
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Have a great day!

I love pictures one and two! Picture three is over edited in my opinion simply because it’s too bright.

The first picture looks stunning but the blur needs to be reduced a tad little. Keep it up though! 👍


I agree.

Thank you!


Ya know these are actually a few nice over edited pictures. Next time, don’t half-blur an aircraft like in pictures number one.

Nice shots mate!

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I do think that was a mistake, thank you for the tip!

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Good angles, pictures are way too over-edited though. Might want to tone it down in the future. Remember, less is more.


these are great pictures, in my opinion i would change 1 and 3 and lose the saturation in the edits, to me it’s a little much, if you could do a comparison of edited and unedited 1 and 3 it might look a little more realistic

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So, because number three was the one most people (including me) felt was over edited I did it again and want to know if you feel it’s still over edited.


this is definitely better than the first number 3 photo, as it doesn’t hurt my eyes as much, to me i feel like there is still to much saturation, but if people disagree then go for it

Right, thank you.

This looks much better, even looking into the aircraft and the ground textures. But this is still a little too bright for me if you look into the sand. A little balance would help. 👍

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I agree, thanks.