British Airways 777-200ER: Great Festival of Creativity Livery

Unveiled in 2015, G-YMML is one of only two British Airways aircraft to be painted in a special livery, now that it has retired all its Boeing 747-400s. It was created specially to fly the UK’s delegation into Shanghai’s Great Festival of Creativity.

The livery features intricate Western impressionist art combined with Chinese ink-and-wash paint techniques. Designed by Chinese fashion designer Masha Ma, it depicts interwoven bamboo stems and roses, both extremely important symbols in Chinese and British culture respectively.

Photo credit: Leo Sheng ; Photo Source

Right over the second passenger and service exits, on the left and right of the aircraft respectively, is the eye-catching symbol of the UK government’s patriotic “Britain is GREAT” campaign.

I think this is a terrific livery that would be a great addition to Infinite Flight. It’s minimalistic but very elegant at the same time, and combines elements from two very highly regarded cultures of the world.

It would be absolutely amazing to fly this on some of BA’s routes to the Far East. It’d also be something of a cherry on top since we have a wide range of BA aircraft already available.

(PS: there was a previous topic requesting this, but it received no attention and is now closed.)

cough cough G-EUPJ

Nice livery, but sadly I’m out of votes

wait how could I forget BEA 😳😳 noted and thank you!

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Great livery, but I m out sorry 😞

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That’s a cool livery, but I’m sorry I’m out of votes…