British Airways 777-200 Screenshots - KSAN-EGLL

Recently, I did a flight from San Diego to London Heathrow. I haven’t done a flight in a while, just danced in the casual server. I took screenshots! :)

Flight Info

Aircraft: British Airways 777-200
Time: 10 hours, 38 minutes
Route: San Diego (SAN) - London Heathrow (LHR)
Server: Training

Parked at the gate in San Diego.

Departed into the sky!

Cruising at FL310.

Descending into London!

Turning into final.

Landed at London Heathrow!

Parked at the gate as a Lufthansa A350 departs.


Very beautiful photos! I like the 2nd, 4th, & 6th photos best.

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Thanks you! 😃

Very nice! I think all of them looked great.

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Great shots. Love them all

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Great shots. Love the lighting.

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Thank goodness you were in casual with the 777 at ksan.

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I wasn’t in casual, I was in Training.

Let me change it, thank goodness you weren’t in expert.

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Took me a little long, but here it is @SimCaptain

Notice the Lufthansa A350 with the fixed livery too!


It’s perfect lol

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Nailed it. Love the attention to detail!

Isn’t this flight operated by the B744 in the summer and the B77W in the winter?

Either way, nice job! Keep up the good work 😀

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Yeah, they would do the 744 in the summer, but just image it was December.

How did you managed to change the name of the livery??

Great Photos, Love the work!!!

Thank you!