British Airways 747 wing landing gear failure

British Airways Boeing 747-400 G-CIVX suffered a landing gear failure today where both of the wing gears failed to extend even with the gravity drop.

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Passengers being told to disembark slowly and in a certain way to avoid tipping the aircraft

Flew on this one a few years ago, solid aircraft. Hope they have it under control…

It is well looked-after though, mind you. This particular aircraft was on a BBC documentary a few years back (ironically, this was shown on-board when I flew on it…):


Yeah, I was thinking about that!!

Must have been awesome to see the maintenance of the aircraft while you were flying on it!

A similar issue with Virgin Atlantic 747 G-VROM happened last year…

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How is this discovered 3 hours into a flight? I mean, did something alert as the gear was being stowed, and they worked on it for a while? Seems like this would not be discovered until approach.

I think I was like “erm, right… hope you screwed that in tight enough…”


Im not sure, alerts can come anytime in the flight if something changes.

Haha!! Bet it was quite awesome to be on the exact plane that featured on the program you were watching

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Ouch. The aviation gods must be angry

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That was awesome and very interesting especially for those who have interests in being engineers!

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Angry. They must be very angry. I will give a representation of how angry 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Airplane systems can display warning messages at any time if a system fails.

It is a feat of engineering

Yes I know :)

Nice documentary you attached, I actually sat and watched all 55 minutes haha but it’s an interesting watch! I didn’t realise that Cardiff Airport’s BA Hanger (my local airport) carried out the D checks there, I thought it was more repairs, so it was nice to learn something about my local airport


it sure is a nice clip!