British Airways 747 Timelapse | EGLL-EGCC

I know that British Airways do not use the 747 on this route but i wanted to do a flight in it and i was very restricted for time with the people who did it with me, I flew from EGLL - EGCC , it was a nice flight i got a bit confused with a LNAV checkpoint as u can tell on takeoff, It only took about half an hour but was a great community thing. Here is the link

ps: i am not a pro timelapse editor but i tried my best


Saw the video! Good job!

Well hopefully for preservation of one of the retro 747s they will

That’s a nice timelapse! The 744 on this route is almost as bad as the people flying 777’s from San Fransisco to LAX on the casual server🤣

thank you very much

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yeah haha, i had to fly the 747, glad you like the timelapse

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i do hope so