British Airways 747 now ULTIMATE PARTY PLANE

British Airways 747 Negus retro livery (G-CIVB) has been transformed into ULTIMATE PARTY PLANE!!!

The aircraft was purchased for £1 and transformed to turn it into a luxury bar to host plane parties. Despite being purchased for £1 in 2020, the project hasn’t been cheap according to the airport’s
chief executive officer (CEO) Suzannah Harvey.

"The company has had to spend nearly £500,000 getting her prepped and ready here, but I think it’s money well spent and it preserves her for future generations. From the outside, little seems to have changed, while the inside has been transformed, stripping away the economy seating to create an events space, turning the gallery into a bar and fitting custom lighting. Before this, it took a man a week and a half to give it a thorough clean, inside and out. It’s been a long old slog, She came into us in October 2020, and at the time I rather naively thought we’d have her up and running by the following Easter.

“We’ve had such tremendous support from everybody. All the contractors, all the people that have volunteered who are current BA 747 engineers - and here we are finally. She’s ready and she’s good to go.”

If you’re ever going to consider hosting a party inside, its going to cost more than £1,000 per hour but the high price doesn’t seem to have hampered interest. Harvey said they had been overwhelmed with enquiries. As the only bespoke events 747 in the world, it’s no surprise clients like Netflix have shown interest in booking it out. Capacity will initially be 120 people, with the chance for it to increase after the launch event.

The Negus had been part of the BA fleet since February 15, 1994 and operated 13,398 flights tracking 60 million miles. Its final passenger flight was on April 6, 2020, from Miami to Heathrow while its next life as a party plane will begin on February 12 with a launch party.

The aircraft is currently located in Cotswolds Airport, UK, and will be located there for rest of its days! If anyone thinks about driving out there, its a 2 hr and 98 km drive out of London if anyone considers buying out the place for a massive booze party! I’ll sort out beers and cocktails! Make sure you invite all of us in the community for a great time! ✈️😏😂😂


Wow! pretty cool! They kept this plane BUT the the twist is that it’s a Party plane

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Totally agree with you! I hope Air New Zealand 747 down in Wanaka, New Zealand, plans to transform into a party plane too, that way we can judge whether the Brits or us NZ’ers have better moves and see who can party the hardest! 🤣

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Sounds like someone found quite the discount code


Imagine the whole community there… Everyone seeing each others reality, Breaking COVID rules, and taking 100 million years to get there from wherever you are lmao

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Well, tbh they pretty much had ownership rights on the aircraft once it arrived Cotswold Oct 20, they chose to covert in party plane cause of what happened in Spain where British Airways 747 was there to be broken up but someone cut the oxygen line and whole aircraft went into flames according to the lady on the video.

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When you like planes so much you find this disrespectful.

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Could buy another 100 or more aircraft for £1 each too, gonna need a sponsor to cover the expensive transformation cost. 😅

I may have said this already, but I’m overjoyed that this BA 747 got a new life instead of being scrapped.

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Alrighty bump!

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