British Airways 747 Landor Livery

Hi guys!

British Airways has announced the next 747 Retro Livery will be the Landor Livery that was used in the 1980s and 1990s.

The aircraft will be renamed ‘City of Swansea’ and will remain in service until 2023. Two more liveries are to be announced! Opinions on this livery?

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Absolutely stunning Livery. Probably one of my most favourite, The tail design and colours are stunning. Looks similar to the Delta Livery which also looks stunning. I’d be lucky to fly this aircraft with that Livery at lest once, Hopefully there would be a route between London and New York in this Livery as I’m planing on visiting NY soon.

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I agree! I’m thinking of heading down to LHR for the day this year to catch this and the other Retro Liveries.

In my opinion this would look ten times better than the current BOAC livery. This just looks amazing!

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BAW is on top of their game with their Retro Liveries. Some of the best looking and iconic ones are picked out here, just magnificent 🔥

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My only problem with the BOAC livery Ian it’s quite plain. But the Landor livery just looks amazing!

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