British Airways 747 Intercepted over North Ireland

British Airways 747 Intercepted over North Ireland

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Today I Was Waiting At EGAA for my Tanker to Arrive so I could return to KNTU as it is the VFA-105 base. Suddenly i got scrambled since i and 2 others were the only ones at the airport and well the job was to intercept a 747 that cant talk to the radar. As i got close i tried talking to them and it worked! So i told him the commands the atc gave to me and we returned safely to EGLL while i landed at EGWU to refuel and head back to EGAA.

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Flight time: 36 mins
Aircraft: F-18E
Server: TS

Frightened passengers take pictures of Dagger One and Two. Left Wing

Passengers are now calm after realizing they’re getting help rather than Shot down, Dagger Three from right wing.

The Aircrafts Tail Camera Captures the F-18 Meters away from the tail.

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