British Airways 747-400 “Water Dreaming”


In 1997 British Airways adopted a new livery. One part of this was a newly stylised version of the British Airways Speedbird logo, but the major change was the introduction of tail-fin art. Also known as the Utopia or world image tailfins, they used art and designs from international artists and other sources to represent countries on BA’s route network. The signature of the artist was carried near the design on the tail. By Wikipedia. My favorite one of these is G-BNLK “Water Dreaming”. So can you please add this wonderful livery?

That’s a pretty cool livery. Water Dreaming, hmm i can see why its called that 😉

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Love their tail arts!

Seems like they removed the tail fin art according to FR24. Either that or FR24 has an outdated picture. But I can’t find any other BA 747s with tail fin art either… if it’s true, sad to see these wonderful liveries go away 😢

A lot of BA aircraft had them, they were removed around 2001.

The ethnic tails are long gone. No BA aircraft have them for over 10 years.

There is still an Airbus A319 in the British Airways Dove Livery

This is it:

I once saw it at London Heathrow:

Heres my pic:

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Those are two different A319s, G-EUOH in the first picture and G-EUPH in the second.

The dove livery came along in around 2012 long after the ethnic tails went. The dove livery was related to the Lonodn Olympics. The only dove remaining now is G-EUPH albeit in a “disfigured dove” livery as the engine cowls are now the usual blue. I haven’t seen UPH in a few weeks so it is possible even that last one has been repainted now.

I have to say I was never a fan of the ethnic tails - they sort of ruined the image of British Airways being the airline of the UK.