British airways 38 on infinite Flight

Hello, as you know the BA38 crashed when it landed, and a few months ago, I decided to reproduce it on Infinite Flight.

so here’s the result

I hope you’ll like it, don’t hesitate to give me your opinion, then if there are some volunteers or others, I’ll see if I can do other crash scenes.


I personally don’t see what’s fun with replicating airplane crashes. If you want an explanation we can always do research online. This category is supposed to be for actual flights or screenshots. Not crash reports.

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I mean if he wants to do a crash report by all means he can! If you don’t wanna see it, just don’t click the video…


I really do like the style in which you made that video. The combination of real world and IF is always something interresting, especially when you can re-create specific events.
Luckily this “crash” left nobody harmed but I would be cautios if you plan on extending this to futher episodes. Some might not want to see specific events/crashes recreated.

I think it would have been interresting to see you actually land the plane with the dual engine failiure as it isn´t easy and would provide a challenge. Would have made some good content and added to the videos style.
Keep it up though, a really good start!


Really good job! I noticed the grammar and spelling has some mistakes, but that’s no big deal to me and it’s an easy fix. The transitions were a little long, but still ok. Interesting video for sure, I’ll be on the lookout for more!

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Thanks, i know for the grammar, i have little difficulties because i’m french ^^

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Wow, wonderfully made video! I didn’t know much about this accident, so this taught me a lot.


Great video

Quick reactions of the pilots saved the flight

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Great video here, good sir!

I like the style you produced this in, and also love the fact you included a simulation of the Qatar go-around as well. I also liked the fact you included the real-world ATC, along with the conversation that was happening in the cockpit at the time; this is something I haven’t seen done before so good job. As mentioned previously, it would’ve been nice to actually see you attempt to land with both engines out to see how it would’ve went in the sim, and to maybe add a bit more immersion. Nonetheless though, this was a great video!

Just to touch on what you have said here, BA38 was an actual flight… and doesn’t break the rules of the category in any way, shape, or form. People come to, and browse through, this category for numerous different reasons. They may see this topic, find it interesting, and then go and conduct their own, further, research into the accident.

Additionally, while I completely understand and respect your opinion in regard to “not seeing what’s fun with replicating airplane crashes”, some people do find this stuff fun. This could be for numerous reasons; they would like to see how they would cope in the situation, they may want to raise awareness, etc. - Just some useful insight for you as to why some people may find this fun and interesting :)

Still though, I completely understand, and respect, entirely where you are coming from, as it can be a sensitive topic for some.

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Great vid!

You couldve used 772 but its fine!

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