British Airways 2276 (NTSB Report)

As some of you may recall this accident regarding British Airways, the NTSB report has recently been released with their findings concluding their investigation. If anyone is interested and wants to read the National Transportation Safety Board report on British Airways FLT#2276, I’ve attached the link below.

Its quite lengthy and will take about 5 minutes to read through the Analysis portion of the report. The report continues into the history leading up to the events that occurred on September 8, 2015 at McCarran International Airport (KLAS).

And if you’re completely bored, have nothing better to do while cruising on your flight, the remainder of the report could take up to 30-45mins to read if you decide to read the entire thing.

Enjoy! There is some interesting pictures and surprising numbers.

👉🏼 BA2276 NTSB Report 👈🏼


Very interesting, I scanned over it quickly. It looks like they scrutinised the Captain a lot in his actions.

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Interesting! People should post NTSB accident reports (of major incidents) more often!

Still hard to believe that Boeing and British Airways repaired G-VIIO and put it back into service. They must have really needed that aircraft to stay!

It probably didn’t cost that much. The report doesn’t memtion any damage that would warrant scrapping it. It looked worse then it actually was.

I do find it amazing how much detail and data they can get from and about aircraft nowadays. Makes you feel very safe.


This is a great interest topic, thanks for sharing!

This was a very interesting read. Good find!

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