British Aerospace Jetstream 32

I wanted to give @Captain209 another chance with their feature request. Someone did this for me in my early days so this is me repaying it Cough @ Mattheus cough

The BAe Jetstream 32 is 19-seat turboprop airliner that entered service since from 1982. The Jetstream 32 officially entered service in 1982. In 1997, they upgraded the programs for the 32 to enhanced performance (32EP) which was certificated in 1997.

It might be a old aircraft with all regional airlines that have not the biggest budget but I think this type of aircraft for regional purposes is missing a little bit. With these suggestions, they are all currently operating the JS32. Small amount airliners use this type of aircraft so the developers could add possible custom paint designs like they do with non-passenger airliners.

I couldn’t find a wikipedia article about this specific variant, so here is the link for the model as a whole. (if you do happen to find an article shoot me a PM and i’ll add it.)

Here’s a photo from the Original post, credits to JetPhotos for the pic :)


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Sorry for uploading more than 1 photo as I didn’t think that was an actual rule and especially for suggestions as designs. I did read the messages but didn’t respond as i thought it wasn’t neccesary.

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The BAE J-41 would be cool to have as well.

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