British Aerospace Jetstream 32


The BAe Jetstream 32 is 19-seat turboprop airliner that entered service since from 1982. The Jetstream 32 officially entered service in 1982. In 1997, they upgraded the programs for the 32 to enhanced performance (32EP) which was certificated in 1997. I have included former and current Jetstream 32’s in this posts.

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It might be a old aircraft with all regional airlines that have not the biggest budget but I think this type of aircraft for regional purposes is missing a little bit. With these suggestions, they are all currently operating the JS32. Small amount airliners use this type of aircraft so the developers could add possible custom paint designs like they do with non-passenger airliners.

Airline: Aerolínea de Antioquia
Currently Operating: Yes
ADA has operated 8 BAe Jetstream 32 during their time. Very clean with a bits of the Colombian colours. Still Using the 32’s as an airline but also for the regional Air Ambulance.

Airline: FlyPelican
Currently Operating: Yes
FlyPelican Fleet is made up of BAe Jetstream 32’s. They are a regional airline and aircraft charter company based in Newcastle (NSW) on the east coast of Australia. This would be a fun short trips around Newcastle to Sydney, Newcastle to Canberra, Sydney to Dubbo etc.

Airline: SevenAir
Currently Operating: N/A (Flightradar24 no information, website says 2 in fleet)
SevenAir is based in Portugal and operates flights to 5 destinations within Portugal. On their website it states they have 2 JS32 but Flightradar24 has no flight history in recent events. I found a YT video back in June 6, 2019 flying so my guess is it is currently still operating.

BAe Jetstream 31, 32EP and 41 are also apart of this family. 41 being longer, 31 less weight available and 32EP better performance/safety.

Airline: AIS Airlines
Currently Operating: Yes
AIS Airlines is an Dutch based Airline that has 8 JS32 (according to their website). They do flights around the Netherlands like Berlin, Stuttgart and also flies to Copenhagen!

Airline: Pascan Aviation
Currently Operating: Yes
Pascan Aviation is a regional airline based in Quebec, Canada. It operates JS32’s frequently on a daily/weekly basis.

Airline: OriginAir
Currently Operating: Yes
Originair currently operates with 1 JS32 with the only other aircraft being a JS31. They have destinations at Wellington, New Plymouth, Nelson and 2 other ports.

There is was more airliners that had this aircraft which I don’t know if they would add? So as stated I did the current airliners using this aircraft and the developers could add just custom created designs. Possibly adding the EP with it could be a possiblity.

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