Bristol Spotting | July 20th, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to my first ever spotting topic

Hope you’re all having a good weekend, and happy holidays to all of you kids that have broken up from school/ college now.

As some of you may be aware, I hail from an indestructible little city called Bristol. We have a lil airport built on a hill with a small runway and 3 main serving airlines, and some less frequent ones too. The entire runway is built on a hill, and unfortunately due to the lack of surrounding roads, spotting on runway 27 isn’t very easy without a ladder and a good lens.

With the wind gusting from the west today, it was just my luck that runway 27 would happen to be in use. This makes landing shots quite difficult, however provided some excellent opportunity for departures.

Before anyone starts commenting about a “fence”… I am well aware there is a fence present in some pictures, I’m working on combating that for next time. Also, my camera in question is nearly 10 years old so I apologise if any of the images are not of the highest quality.

After a 20 mile cycle trip and some Pringles, Lets get started

  • Kicking off the afternoon, we have an appearance by EI-FIK, a Boeing 737-8 belonging to Ryanair. Departing around 17:50GMT, this aircraft was just beginning it’s flight to Bucharest after nearly a hours delay!

  • Here we have my favourite capture of the afternoon, showing that old cameras really still do shine! If only I were a better cameraman… We have G-EZFY, an Airbus A319-111 starting its flight to Naples, almost on time!

  • Our first A320 of the afternoon, G-EZWL, arriving after nearly 5hrs inbound from Larnaca, another one of the many aircraft delayed at Bristol today. Also the first Airbus aircraft to make an appearance with the updated Sharklet wingtips. Even though they have been around for ages, I still think they add something to the aircraft it was missing with the old Delta design.

  • Now we see G-EZTM, an EasyJet A320-214 departing an hour and a half late on its flight to Seville. One of the later rotations of the lot today, allowing for a nice, fence free capture.

  • Anyone would think that Bristol airport is served only by EasyJet… just mostly. G-UZLA was the first and only EasyJet A320Neo aircraft to grace the airport during my stay. Truly an excellent sound made by those engines.


  • Finally! A Ryanair B737-800 landing early and breaking up the flow slightly, a welcome sight in what otherwise has been a sea of orange and white… EI-EBV landing after a 2hr flight from Seville, and quite a smooth landing at that…


  • The first and only Thomas Cook aircraft present during my stay, G-TCVA, an Airbus A321-231, the third largest aircraft actively serving Bristol Airport, behind the Pencil and 787 operated by TUI. After a 2hr flight from Palma De Mallorca, I’m sure the passengers wished they hadn’t returned to… uh… beautiful and warm Bristol…


  • My first ever spotting of a special livery at Bristol, courtesy of the Family Life TUI Boeing 737-800, G-FDZG, also the only aircraft not to show up on FR24 before it landed so unfortunately I have no information as to its origin. Still a nice spot all the same.
    Also side note, for some reason my camera changed a capture setting hence the lower quality


  • In a stroke of good fortune, clouds had began to come in from the West, allowing for a nice white background to contrast G-FDZT, a Boeing 737-800 operated by TUI airlines, on its late departure to Rhodes. Highlights just how small 737 engines are too…

  • Finally to wrap up the evening, I decided to go to a small lay by located at the bottom of Runway 27. As this is next to an incredibly busy main road, I only had time to stay and catch one last arrival from a different perspective. Here we see G-EZRX, an EasyJet Airbus A320-214 after a short flight from La Rochelle, moments before touching down

Thank you for taking the time to look at my images, it was a ton of fun going spotting again after so long. I’m planning to spend a weekend in London over the following months where I plan to hit Heathrow, Gatwick, City and either Luton or Stansted and get some slightly better images.

I’d also love some camera recommendations, sub £500 where possible so I can work on my spotting quality. For a 10yr old camera, I love the way these images came out. But I know I can do better.

Let me know what you think of the images, and have a good weekend!


Awesome shots! As you may have read from slack I do love the fences they really make the images look great!😉

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Very Nice! I face the “fence” problem a lot while planespotting.

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Nice shots, you get pretty close compared to manchester, you also get the same traffic as manchester most of the time.

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That Thomas cook plane flew right over me earlier. Needless to say I put all the windows down and enjoyed the sound of those engines! It’s been operating at Bristol a few tines this week, cool to see.

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Putting Sony, Pentax, Fuji, all that aside and looking to Nikon and Canon, I’ve got two different recommendations. I’m not sure about prices in the UK but in America both these combos will run you around 500 US (400 GBP), however I think they might just go for 500 GBP, you’d have to check.

Option 1: Nikon D3400 w/ 18-55 and 70-300 DX bundle.
This is the slightly better choice in my opinion. I can go to my local camera store and pick this up for just $499. I believe that the D3400 is a superior camera for photos than the Canon T6 (below) and the lenses are no joke. The 18-55 is a bit of a joke but hey, it comes in the bundle and it’s nice to have sometimes. The 70-300 is the main player here. You have to make sure it says AF-P and DX on it. I used to use this lens and I was satisfied with it all the way out to 250mm.

Option 2: Canon T6 w/ 55-250 IS STM
I’ve never used a Canon, however the T6 is just your standard beginner camera. Nothing too fancy, not too shabby either. The 55-250 IS STM for it’s price is incredible value (according to friends who use it). It’ll run you about $300 new (the camera another $300) but if you buy certified refurbished from like Amazon you can cut that in half. Most T6 bundles come with a 75-300, which is a fine lens but the 55-250 is just more value.

You’ll probably want extra batteries and a filter and you will definitely need a solid SD card (I recommend Sandisk Extreme 64GB with 95 mbps read speed and 90 mbps write speed). All in all maybe an extra $75 ($20 for the filter, $30 for the battery, $25 for the SD card).

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Beautiful shots, Daniel!

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That’s great, I’ll definitely make sure to have a look at the both of them!



I think your pictures are amazing :) I really could not tell these pictures came from a 10 year old camera :)

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Great pictures! I especially love the second shot!

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Make sure you have good zoom, mine is 55 and it’s not enough

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