Bristol - Basel EZY6085 CANCELLED

  • Aircraft and Livery: easyJet A319

  • Route: Bristol EGGD - Basel LSZM

  • Time of Departure: 23/04/19 19:00 GMT

  • Server: Expert
    Credits to the

  • Additional Information: Copy the flight plan from IF160 (me)
    Climbing,Cruise and Decent: Under 10,000 : 2500 VS 240 KTS
    Climb above 10,000 : 3000 VS 270 KTS
    Cruise : 34,000 FT 283 KTS

Gates :
Gate 5 - IF160

I will DM you a link to a google doc at around 20 minutes before the flight
Please be parked at your gate 5 minutes pre flight

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Hi there,

You are planning this flight on 23 of April, which means tomorrow. The groupflights category is only intended for flights that take place within 3 hours of the main topic being posted.

Additionally, this topic belongs in the #live:events category where you still can’t post, because you are Trust Level 1 (Basic User). Once you reach TL2 (Member) you will be granted access to post there.

There are also some things missing from your title, so I would suggest to re-read the guidelines. Thank you and happy landings!

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OK Thank you

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