Brisbane to Taipei in the 787-10!

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Flight time- 8h 16mins

Earlier this month Eva Air started sending the 787-10 to Brisbane on their daily flights replacing the A330 and recently I caught a glimpse of that beauty on base from my bedroom’s window and I just had to do that flight in IF I just reversed the leg, enjoy!

Parked at gate 85

Taking off from runway 01

Retracting the landing gear

Brisbane coastline

Nice view of PNG’s coast while flying over the Arafura sea

Another one!

Over Davao city, Philippines

Over Pasay city, Philippines

Descending into Taipei

Landing at runway 05R


Cool pics! Hope the 78X treated you well. :)

Thanks for the centerline landing at my favorite airport ;)


Thank you! I didn’t have the best landing but I made sure it was centreline 😛

Glad to see the community using my home airport!

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It’s my home airport too ;)

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Well @ADDY28 just goes to show that it’s a small world! But it is the best airport!

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Nice pics! I have to try this out soon one day. Looks like an amazing flight.

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I recommend you should! Beautiful little islands along the way and of course the Aussie coastline is eye catching too and then you get to descent alongside the mountains of Taiwan!

Brisbane airport is so underrated and underused imo


I’m very happy on Brisbane’s one of many new flights to our airport. I will definitely be flying this route in the near future! Great pictures!

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Thank you! Definitely hoping for more aircrafts like the 78X since we are also getting a new runway 😛

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Can’t wait for the opening of it! Looking forward to more routes entering the airport.


I hope that either they expand the domestic terminal or build a new terminal when its done. Brisbane is growing too fast for the old terminals!

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Should we create a new topic called ‘the future of Brisbane airport’? ;) @Luke_L and @ADDY28

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I hope you followed the correct SID out of Brisbane 😜

Nice shots!


I actually did! I don’t usually don’t but this time I did 😂😂

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sure thing! Big changes are coming to YBBN I think it’s a great idea

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