Brisbane to Los Angeles in pictures

G’day everyone! Today I flew the hop across the pacific from Brisbane, Australia to Los Angeles, California! I love this route as it departs from my home city and used to be operated by Qantas’ 744 until recently when they changed it to the B789. I took some screenshots across the whole flight and decided it was perfect to create my first screenshot thread. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Flight Information
Server: Expert
Time: Midday - Sunset
Route: YBBN - KLAX

Here are the photos! (The last couple photos are taken at night so might be hard to see)
Parked at Brisbane InternationalUploading: 30889513-C1D4-4A6B-A7DF-C8C25689B3B3.jpeg…
Rotate! Uploading: 5DBA3866-5658-4F4F-89B9-22402B0B4329.jpeg…
Beautiful view of North Stradbroke Island shortly after departure Uploading: 7DEE084F-58FA-4C2E-800E-BA2818F91D81.jpeg… Flying over Fiji! Uploading: 0E12C2EC-55E4-4541-8971-6873853DBD79.jpeg…Watching the sun set from the left wing Uploading: AE828392-3FA1-43C0-87EB-BE92835F0075.jpeg… First views of the California CoastlineUploading: 3D44E5E3-21B2-4158-965D-AD11FC3E7913.jpeg… Gear down Uploading: AD3B8C0B-5328-443F-A9ED-989CD2AFB6B7.jpeg… Touchdown rewarded with applause from the passengers Uploading: 51AA00AE-F930-47AE-93BF-94432762E484.jpeg… Parked at the gate opposite an Atlas Air 744.Uploading: 380BE18C-D867-41D7-BADB-733CD4F5C202.jpeg…
Hope you enjoyed!

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