Brisbane International Airport | Australia's Third Largest

Any updates?

Airport is coming along as expected and will be completed in due time

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To add a little more detail…

The International and Domestic Terminals are complete. There are a few details I’d like to add to the Domestic side of the airport, but the terminal building itself is complete and hasn’t changed since this thread was posted.

There has been a full 2D rework of the field, excluding the taxiways to and around runway 01L/19R. This isn’t complete as yet, but will be shortly after and while hangars on the eastern side of the field and buildings at the general aviation apron are complete.

As of right now, all that needs to be completed is General Aviation (3D), Hangars (3D & 2D) and a general sweep of any other 2D things which could be improved. So we’re really close!


I am sooooo excited.

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Can’t wait!

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So excited for this airport to be 3d, been hanging out for a while for it!

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Hey there just wanted to check in to see how it’s going around the airport I thought it might have been ready for this update that was just released but it’s going to be good once it’s out for sure

It’ll be out with the next update! It’s still not finished yet, but I’ll be sure it’s ready for then!

I’ll have some NEW screenshots of the airfield in a few hours time. 👀


Yessssss! Finally! I can’t explain how happy I am

Awesome news! Can’t wait to fly to and from Brissie in full 3D.

This went well…

Here’s an update!

Beginning where we started last time: this Domestic Terminals. This time, with a complete walkway and Domestic Train Station!

Off to the Remote Stands… No changes here outside of line colours.

Now down to a (complete!) International Terminal, with a carpark, solar panels, and the International Train Station!

Now to the previously unseen Southern Logistics Apron:

Not pictured: General Aviation Apron, Maintenance Hangars and General Aviation Hangars… They’re not complete yet.

Where to from here?

Well, aside from completing the aforementioned unpictured areas, I’m reforming taxiways/lines to be more accurate and updating the colour of lines on the apron. Then we’re done!

No. More. Updates. You’ll see it all once it’s released!


I know exactly which flight I’m doing once it releases 🔥

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Dang nice work

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That’s what you said last time 😉
We’ll see how long you last this time!

Also, great work! It’s coming along nicely.



Hi there, sorry to be a pain still very exiting to see the progress of Brisbane as it’s my home town airport was wondering if it is ready yet or near ready?

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I don’t know for sure but I think it will be in 24.2

It’s marked “ready for release” - so hopefully it will be here with 24.2!


Cant wait for it!!