Brisbane International Airport | Australia's Third Largest

Brisbane International Airport 🇦🇺

Australia’s third largest airport by passenger count is currently being built in Infinite Flight! Below you should find a few photos and some details. Please be aware that shapes, buildings and facades are not final and are still subject to a review. Nothing seen here is final…

Domestic Terminal

the complete bit…

Northern and Southern Remote Aprons

ooh, more completeness…

International Terminal

not complete. We’ll call it halfway…

What’s the game plan?

Well, the current plan is to finish the International Terminal. Once that’s complete, work will be done on the executive apron, followed by the airline maintenance hangars and FBO apron north of the domestic terminal. The domestic terminal is complete (although connections to carparks and train-line have not started yet).

No, I don’t know when Brisbane will be complete.

Is anything else being worked on?

Yes! As progress it made on 3D elements, 2D is updated with it. That includes lights, line type and alignment (and other, more specific changes).

This thread won’t be used for status updates from me. Just wanted to share a few WIP pics. Please let me know if you have any feedback, or embarrisingly, see any major issues in the screenshots!

I’d love to hear what you think!


Coming along amazing, really well done

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Looks fantastic! Thanks for all the hard work.

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Nice to see this, it looks amazin!

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Looks amazing! Cant wait for YBBN! :)

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So thrilled to see my home airport coming along! Awesome work xx

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Thanks all for the kind words!

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YES! A WIP! I am honestly way way way to excited for Brisbane to release. Thank you so much for these pics! ❤️

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Very happy to see Brisbane international airport coming togheter in 3d! Cannot wait to do Dubai to Brisbane flights and to Melbourne too! Since both are in development! Thanks alot guys for putting your time and effort into these big and important airports!


Looking incredible!! Can’t believe I only stumbled upon this post now, thanks for working on my home airport @Adam

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Very nice can’t wait to fly out and in as this is my home town airport


Thanks! Much has been completed since this post was made, can’t say much more than that really. :)


How’s Brisbane looking now @Adam

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Even better than last time 👀

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Glad to hear that as it’s my hometown airport

I won’t be giving anything away, but it’s more complete than when I shared those photos. 👀

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I presume the International Terminal is done and the exec apron, hangars and FBO apron are still WIP?

A further updated view can be seen on this Instagram post. As mentioned in the original post, I won’t be sharing status updates.

Thanks for your interest though!

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Going really well!;)


Can’t wait to see a completed International Terminal!