Brisbane (BNE/YBBN) New runway

Morning everyone,

Haven’t been on forum for a while but am back. A bit unsure where to put this topic but here goes.

Brisbane Airport on July 12 will open their new parallel runway, 01L,19R. This project first started in 2012 and has now been ‘physically completed’. This runway will be instrumental for BNE and provide it with the most efficient and available airport system in Australia.

If possible, it would be fantastic if this new runway and taxiways was added to BNE on Infinite Flight to reflect the updated airport area.

Additionally, it would be good if when announcing position on unicom or ATC sequencing aircraft, runways between 1-9 are pronounced as ‘1R’, not ‘01R’ which is the correct call. I know this is a small thing, but would be good to have it.



IFAET, our airport editing team, does not take requests.

Airports and/or updates to airports are generally updated if they are going through a significant change or there is a significant problem. Hopefully this is added, as it does seem to be a big thing, considering it is one of the biggest airports in Australia.

I’m pretty sure it will be added, we’ll just have to wait and see :)


Adding on to what Thunderbolt said, you are requesting two different features in one topic. The added runway and a change in ATC/Unicom callouts. Unfortunately, you are only able to request one feature per topic.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.

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Like the idea though! RIP if post closed

This isn’t the place to request an updated airport layout. You can inform the Airport Editing Team about the change and they’ll update it when they can. Votes aren’t a deciding factor in updating Infinite Flight’s airports.

Again, this isn’t the place to request airport edits because the IFAET completes airport edits without the need for votes. Requesting an airport edit in #features or showing your support for it does almost nothing. I support the idea as well, but saying that here isn’t the right place.

Cheers everyone, I’ll know for next time. Refinding my way around the forum. All good to close thread.

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Wasn’t my idea, just acknowledged his proposal

They’ll add it in due time. BNE is my second home IRL, so I’ll be glad to see it.