Brisbane Airport (YBBN) Spotting, First Time!

Hello Community,
I have recently gone spotting and want to share some of my pictures with you.

Location: Brisbane Intl. (YBBN)
Camera: Canon EOS 400D
Lense: 50-200mm
Time: 8:00-10:00

Singapore Airlines A350-900

Korean Airlines 787-9 (50 Years Livery)

Qantas A330-200

EVA Air 787-10

Air New Zealand 787-9

Jetstar 787-8

QANTAS A330-200

Alliance Airlines Fokker 70 (Breast Cancer Livery)

Virgin Australia 737-800 (With Split Scmitars)
WLG-BNE (My Family’s Flight!)

Air Niu Guinea 767-300

QantasLink 717-200

To Finish It Off, A Shot Of The Apron, Showing How Busy It Was Today! ;)

Thanks For Visiting!
Constructive Criticism Is Welcome As It Is My First Time!


Nice pics, that Singapore Airlines A350 is really cool




Thanks Man! It was my best and most favourite shot!

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Nice shots! Glad you caught the EVA 787!

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I wasn’t supposed to! It was running about 30 minutes early! ♥️♥️

I left just too early to see another QANTAS A330 off to Tokyo. But it was still awesome!
Any thoughts on things I could do better?
@TaipeiGuru @Armani_B or @biscot?

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Not really, the air niugini was a bit blurry, also when taking an image of aircraft on the ground try to gain an unobstructed view, (no fences etc if you can). My mate takes a ladder sometimes to combat this, or standing on the roof of a car works fine.

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Love the Fokker And A350

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Thanks so much!

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Yup, I did for some, that’s why not all have fences in them, but only realised about halfway through, and for the Air Niu Guinea, I agree! Something just went wrong

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Singapore A350 perfectly times with the ATC schedule!

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I agree @snoman!

Great pics! I would suggest next time, for the planes that are in the air, whether they’re taking off or landing, try to zoom in more and get more of the plane and less of the surroundings 🙂👍🏼

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Just come back from a holiday, so coming to say thanks now!

wohoow the zorro mask from Singaporreee!
Great shot, keep it up bro!

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Thank you so much! I’m hoping to go again soon

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