Brisbane Airport runway fall through


I am not sure if this is a known bug or if it is an error I am doing on my end but when I take off from Brisbane airport I fall through the runway.

in short:

I tried to takeoff at YBBN on runway 01 with a 747-400. The 787-10 in front of me took off perfectly and I fell through the runway, when I did attempt number 2 I fell through a second time.

long story
I was about to do a flight from Brisbane to Tokyo with a Qantas 747-400 about 5 minutes ago, there was another person that spawned in and we were going to do a spontaneous group flight kinda thing. We taxied to runway 01 and i held short while the other player took off in their ANA 787-10. I lined up on the runway, push the throttle to take off and then about halfway down the runway I just fell through, I kept going down and down until I pulled up and when I reach altitude 0 again I got the crash pop-up. I was confused but thought it might have been something I did wrong because the other aircraft in front of me off perfectly, so I tried it immediately after. I spawned back in close to the runway quickly taxied but then when I was on takeoff I fell through the runway. Not sure what is happening. I still have the saved replays if that helps figure this out.

I hope you guys can help!


Did clearing scenery cache do anything?


I have not attemted that but i will try now! Thanks!


Also along with that restart the device, it helps as well


Oh yay it worked! I am not sure which one it was but i am no longer falling through the runway! Thanks for your help you guys!


It was more than likely the first response because it works almost every time.


Glad it worked out!
If this ever happens again clearing cache should always work like what @Hellople suggested


This happens to me sometimes. A restart of the device should cure it.


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