bringing violations down

so i have done this before i went over on violations so i decided to not play
for 4-5 days and when i got back on i was able to join again. it can be helpful but a little agitating
because it can take several days before the violations go down.

Yes it takes several days for the violations to allow you to retain your grade again. This is how the grading system works

yeah but… i cant go 4-5 days with out flying but some how i managed to keep my mind off of it
it was totally worth the wait in order to get to level 2

I’m not sure what’s being asked here. Do you want to get rid of the violation time limit? That just means more inexperienced pilots on the Expert and/or training servers, which ruins the realistic experience for everyone else. So no, they cannot remove the time limit on the violations.

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Yeah that’s just how it works. If I were to get one violation I also need to wait one week before getting it back. It’s to encourage a more professional flying experience.


Does anyone read anymore? Do research? If I was mod on this forum I’d be on Valium.


I don’t think he’s really asking. He’s stating it, but I don’t know why.


All you need to know about violations is here. Also, always think of what my friends here said.

And don’t forget that you are in #support which is mainly for questions.

Please restate your original post in the form of a question. Otherwise we will go ahead and close this as it is getting off topic fast.

To me it sounds like you were making a statement and not a question. Which is not the purpose of support.


If you are receiving violations, then you’re doing something wrong. Yes, the violations stick around for a little while, otherwise there would be no point in having such a system in the first place. During this time, spend some time on the casual server learning the rules and improving your skills. You can also get help in multiple aspects of flying in the #tutorials category. If you do this, by the time your violations wear off, you’ll be a better pilot overall, and the Infinite Flight Live experience will be even better for you and everyone else.

how do you close a topic???

the mods can do it not us. Tyler told me once in PM