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Qantas Virtual Group is one of Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airlines. We have been helping aspiring pilots follow their passion for over 8 years. With one of Infinite Flight’s most vibrant communities, an emphasis on training and realism, and a laid-back Australian Spirit, Qantas Virtual Group is the best VA for any Virtual Pilot. Whether you are brand new to the simulator, or are a real-world pilot, we have something for you.

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Welcome to Qantas Virtual Group, Infinite Flight’s first and longest operating Virtual Airline. Ever since our founding in 2012, we have worked hard to provide the best Virtual Airline Experience possible for all of our pilots, and the wider community. Community has always been a big part of our ethos here at QVG, and we work hard each and every day to ensure that all of our pilots feel welcome, and empowered to follow their passion of flying.

When I joined the Virtual Airline 3 years ago, I never thought I’d see myself standing in the position I am today, but needless to say I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to lead this amazing airline into the foreseeable future.

I’m really pleased to say that there has never been a more exciting time for the Virtual Airline. We have recently migrated to a brand new custom Crew Centre, introduced a Career Mode option and developed a multitude of training resources, so I encourage everybody to check out QVG. We are an ever-growing community of welcoming aviators, and we’d love to have you!

See you in the skies ✈️

Josh H

CEO at Qantas Virtual Group

Featured Video: QVG’s ANZAC Day Memorial Flight

We have a diverse fleet and ranking structure, allowing pilots to quickly rank up and discover the best of Australia, and the world. At just 20 hours, pilots are able to fly on our A320 and B737 aircraft and explore international destinations in the Asia/Pacific region.

Our Fleet

Our Staff Team

We have an incredible, hard-working staff team that works to make the Virtual Airline the best it can be.

Airline Management

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
The Leadership Team

Human Resources and Recruitment

Name Role IFC Account
Abdullah Z Human Resources Manager @Abdullah_Zameer
Oliver H Pilot Instructor @Oli_H

Brand Marketing and Communications

Name Role IFC Account
Anush P IT Manager @Anush_Patel
Jay G Public Relations Manager @JayGriffiths12

Flight Operations

Name Role IFC Account
Adam S Flight Supervisor @Adam_S

Staff Advisories

Name IFC Account
Mackenzie R @MackenzieRodgers
Luke M @Luke_M

Career Mode

For one of Infinite Flight’s most realistic Virtual Airline Experiences, join QVG’s unique Career Mode. Follow realistic procedures, complete type rating courses and become virtually certified on an aircraft. This mode is ideal for those with more experience who are looking for the opportunity to follow the path of a real-world pilot. Our emphasis on training is particularly prevalent in Career Mode, which will go hand-in-hand with our soon-to-be-released QAcademy. In order to begin QVG’s Career Mode, you must be a pilot with us.

Career Mode can be joined after registering as a pilot.

Free Mode

Enjoy the classic Virtual Airline experience with our long-running Free Mode. Fly where you want, when you want, and unlock more of our fleet as you rank up. Our free mode allows you to choose your own flying adventure, with little restriction on when or where you can fly. This mode is ideal for anybody new to Infinite Flight, or pilots looking to enjoy the classic Virtual Airline community experience.

Begin your Free Mode Journey

Earlier this year we released our brand new Crew Centre system, allowing pilots to easily search, fly and file over 3,000 routes. Easily find out about events and group flights with our Events Noticeboard, generate your custom QVG Profile Badge or access our wide variety of training videos and documents. We are also pleased to have partnered with SimBrief to allow our pilots to generate Infinite Flight-compatible flight plans right from the Crew Centre. It’s never been easier to get flying!

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Here at QVG, we believe that training is one of the greatest ways to help our pilots grow their passion for Infinite Flight. We are developing a number of training courses that pilots will be able to ‘subscribe’ to - these will involve both theoretical and practical demonstrations, as well as practice flights with our Mentoring team. Our brand new, state-of-the-art QAcademy website will be at the centre of this new training program. Pilots will be able to access all the resources they need to improve their flying.

Note: QAcademy is still a work in progress, and will be released later this year.

Our Partners

We are very lucky to have one of Infinite Flight’s largest partnership network, with over 500 codeshare routes, and over 8 Virtual Airline partners. Read about some of our partnerships below

Oneworld Virtual

Oneworld Virtual is a collection of Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airlines, working together to provide the best experience possible for pilots. Oneworld Virtual facilitates a variety of partnerships between member VAs, and organises regular events for all pilots to enjoy.

British Airways Virtual

Over 30,000 flights flown, totalling over 240,000 hours of flight time, with the world circumnavigated over 11,000 times. British Airways Virtual is one of the most established and groundbreaking Virtual Airlines within the Infinite Flight Community, breaking barriers since its certification over three years ago.

Website | Thread | Instagram

American Virtual

American Virtual is an IFVARB-approved VA that strives to maintain a healthy balance between professionalism, realism, and a welcoming environment. AAVA has an astounding 220 pilots, a database composed of nearly 10,000 route numbers, and over 65 aircraft to choose from. In addition to their wide array of routes/aircraft, American Virtual offers an experience that is unmatched by any other VA.
Website | Thread | Instagram

Finnair Virtual

Finnair Virtual Airlines was founded on June the 26th 2020. From that moment on, their growing team has strived to maintain professionalism and worked hard throughout the IFVARB approval period to bring their pilots the best experience.

Website | Thread | Instagram

Our Other Partners

El Al Virtual

As the flag carrier of Israel, El Al Virtual offers pilots an unparalleled flying experience. With four ranks to climb, five mainline aircraft to get behind the controls of, and stunning scenery at all our destinations, we guarantee that you’ll find the experience you’ve been looking for!

Find out more here.

Australia and New Zealand Flying Club


Partnered closely with QVG, AUNZFC allows pilots to experience the best of QVG, and Australian GA flying. All QVG Members are automatically part of AUNZFC, and able to explore Australia. As part of our close partnership, AUNZFC uses the QVG Crew Centre to handle its operations, and its pilot base is warmly welcomed into the QVG Community.

Website | Thread | Instagram

Contact Us

IFC PM | Email | Livechat

Qantas Virtual Group is in no way affiliated with Qantas Airways. All copyrights and trademarks go to their rightful owners.


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Help me find an active VA!

So proud of how far we’ve come. I can’t wait to see what this new year brings us ✈️


Absolutely lovely topic, I don’t think any VA will ever be able to compare to Qantas Virtual Group, especially staying strong for 8 years. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Qantas Virtual Group.


Yeah, I am proud to be a Senior First Officer at my favourite VA. I love to see the future of QVG, especially the career mode which make QVG unique. Thanks for accepting me, it’s been a wonderful experience. Also I’d like to thank the fantastic staff, especially the founder @Josh for being an amazing help since I started at QVG. Everyone is friendly, it’s a great VA to be apart of and I highly recommend as a pilot to join.


Great Job with this thread! I wish I could join but I don’t want to overwhelm myself with 15 VA’s!


@SahyaQFFlyer @Qantas094 We couldn’t have done it without the help of all of our dedicated pilots and staff.
Thanks for your support!


I’m glad I could be apart of the amazing QVG.


I’ve only been apart of QVG for a short part of it’s 8 year history and I’ve loved every minute of it. Looking forward to what the future holds for us!


Same, I love every millisecond of being at QVG


Nice thread y’all! I’m wondering, why is there a picture of a JetStar 787?


@snoman At Qantas Virtual Group, you can fly with Qantas, Qantaslink and Jetstar, as well as with over 15 more codeshare partners.
As Jetstar is a fully owned subsidiary of Qantas in real life, we offer all Jetstar services.
Check out how we’ve incorporated it into our rank structure below.

Our Fleet and Ranks

View our fleet details below:


If this is the new thread, it’s great! I’d be willing to bet I’m the only Alaskan to be a pilot for QVG 😂


I actually never knew that! Thanks for making me smarter QVG!


Great to see QVG going strong. I was QFA0014 and was one of the early staff and pilots. Sadly not been able to maintain the time recently due to various real life constraints, but Qantas Virtual is the first and best VA in IF. Happy landings all!


Yes indeed, most of our pilots come from Australia, Great Britain, America and some from the middle eastern countries. It would be a pleasure to have you with us!


So that’s why you cleaned out your IG?

I am with you ;)

Been with you for a while now.


The trailer alone makes me want to join. Absolutely SPECTACULAR!!!


Thanks @reer104!


@Josh do you take control of QantasVirtualGroup?

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