Bringing home the Arizona Coyotes

Howdy Yall. Avid Dallas Stars and Arizona Coyotes fan here. Today we will be bringing home the Arizona Coyotes after a hard fought, but unfortunate 3-4 Loss to the Minnesota Wild.

Mini mod Christmas stocking

Flight time: 2:42
Sever: Expert 😎

Yes, i know the yotes actually use a swift air 737-400, but the AW 757 is so underrated and underflown I had to fly it

Lets go!

Take off out of Minnesota

Putting the wild in the rear view mirror, and putting our minds towards the LA Kings

Crusing over South Dakota

Crusing over Southern Colorado with pikes peak in the background

Arizona is truly a beautiful state

Desending over Scouts BSA camp Geronimo in Payson, Arizona

Over the valley of the sun getting ready to turn final

On final approach with tempe and the mullet! in the background

“Touchdown confirmed we’re safe on earth” with camelback mountain in the distance

As the sun sets over the valley, the pack unloads and settles in for a pit stop before heading to LA Wednesday/Thursday for a Thursday night matchup against the kings.

Thats all for today! We’ll see you next time on another S&V topic. Always remember Be jolly #WearGreen and #RunWithThePack

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“From now, until the next time, see you in the sky!” -Jeb Brooks


Great shots! I should do that route sometime!

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We need more hockey content 🔥