Bringing back WOW @BIKF 121900ZJUL19


  • Aircraft and livery: WOW Air A320

  • Route: BIKF-EIDW

  • Time of departure: 2:30PM EDT, 11:30AM PDT

  • Additional information: Maintain proper spacing, obey all ATC instructions, Unicom usage

Your timestamp in the title should say:


12: Date
1830Z: Time in 24-hour clock
JUL: Month
19: Year

Day of the Week is not included in this

Btw apparently this starts in 90 seconds as of writing this post - you need to give people a good amount of time to see this post and think about joining.

You can post a GroupFlight up to 3 hours before it starts

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Ooh my home airport. Glad seeing my favourite livery fly in there by other users. Iā€™d love to join but unfortunately I am unable this month.

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Moved an extra 30mins to give you guys time to decide to come or not

Maybe 1 hour later than your written time?

I will not be able to takeoff in an hour

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