Bringing back the old artificial horizon

Hello there!
I love Infinite Flight and especially the new A350, which was released last year.
But with this release I miss a very important feature for myself - the old artificial horizon.
With a few screenshots I try to explain what I mean.

Since I play Infinite Flight, I only use the following camera perspective.

The pilot camera with HUD. Here, the real horizon matches with artificial horizon. When double clicking the Touchscreen, the camera

But now, this camera perspective was removed for the A320 and the A350.

Now we got this camera with HUD.

Here, the real horizon does not match with the artificial horizon.

I would like this old camera to come back and be available as an extra camera perspective!



You can vote for this here:

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The reason for this is because that camera view is not to be used together with the HUD. That is what the the live instruments are for :)