Bringing Back The Good Old Times

Bringing Back The Good Old Times

Greetings IFC! Felix here, this time trying out a new editing style, as well as a whole new type of topic that I’ve never seen on the IFC in a while! Today I took some classic birds out for a spin, since we’ve seen enough A350s, 787s and many other younglings. All of those aircraft could not have been possible without these beasts!

Sorry about the mishap I accidentally posted it too early because a button on my keyboard can do that for some reason.

Big thanks to @Butter_Boi and many others for helping me edit and make this topic the best it can be! This topic was also inspired off of his Wyoming topic, which can be found here! The Queen of Wyoming… Is a 747!?

You guys came here for the photos, so I shall present them with great honor!

  1. The KLM Classic Queen Banking into the Foggy Hong Kong Morning Whilst Approaching Kai Tak.

  1. The Mighty DC-10 Soaring Over Some of New Zealand’s Many Mountains

  1. Another Beastly DC-10, This Time Leaving Vancouver Behind.

  1. Skip Forward a Few Years to See This America West Making a Swooping Turn.

  1. Lastly, We Have a United 777-200ER at it’s Boarding Gate in Chicago.

Quiz Time!

Only 12% of you guys got the answer right on my last topic! The answer was Comair! (The Best Livery? I Think So!)

What Was The Last Remaining 747-200 Operator?
  • Iberia
  • Pan-Am
  • Kalitta Air
  • FedEx

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I hope you guys enjoyed this topic, leave comments down below! Thanks for spending your time by looking at my topic!

Felix Out


Yay I didn’t mess it up this time! :)

It’s an honor to have inspired you, and you’re welcome for the help.

Awesome photos!

Thank you @Butter_Boi! I truly loved that other topic of yours!

Why thank I you, lol.

Wow I like it
When I was 3 years old, when I see black pictures, I was thinking people was living in the dark. Lol

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It’s always nice to see these old airliners back in #screenshots-and-videos again, Very nice job Felix!

I thought that too LOL! Thanks Bayoman!

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Thank you aviator from canada!


BrUh me too I am from OH CANADA 🇨🇦

Nice ones, Felix!

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Amazing shots! Very nice.

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Thanks a lot @Cooper_Marcukaitis and @if.aceh !

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