Bringing Back in the 80's - 90's


Spotting the DC10

Gate is Open

Boarding Time

Taxiing to Runway 07C

Taking off Runway 07C

V1. . Rotate . . V2. . .

Heading to KMIA

Smooth Landing in KMIA

Which do you like to fly? A historic (vintage) aircraft or a modern aircraft?

Parked at the gate

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Hopefully, we can soon see the modern follow-up, the A339 by Condor in the sim, too! Great shots!

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I totally agree. But it’s also fun to fly the DC10 / MD11 😁

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That’s true! I am honestly more into modern aircraft, but the MD10/11 also has some true gems and feels very different from the other aircraft

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I’m definitely a fan of the older models than newer ones.

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Should’ve used some black 'n white if your gonna bring it back to the 80’s-90’s. But Nice Photos either way!

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I’m pretty sure by the time it was the 80’s, there was already color in picture.

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Most likely true but would I think it would be cooler as black and white. There already good either way.

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Older aircraft sound way better than all these NEOs and MAXs.


It would be nice to edit pictures but sadly it is not permitted for editing in this category.

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I did black and white ones and it wasn’t removed nor was i told it wasn’t allowed

You can use black n white, doesn’t go against the rules I believe as I have already done if those topics before.

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I’ve always been interested about that yellow condor livery, pretty nice.

I love historic aircraft, not all the automatic stuff you find on modern airliners

Eh, I think just making it a bit grainy and maybe changing the colors a bit will give it a cool 90s effect


Thanks for the clarification :-)

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yeah, especially i miss those retro livery.

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